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Going beyond the horizons of textbooks and making something innovative is certainly a measure to improve an individual in practical terms. Workshops, seminars and conferences held at regular intervals do perform the same motive for a student. Being exposed to these practices makes him more prone towards learning and getting better with each session. Continuance of studies and workshop on a parallel note can configure various academic highlights. It is always a nice option to exercise the textbook tools with technological knowhow. Students attending such workshops can demonstrate their capabilities and can further more update their knowledge through such platforms.

Workshops have the potential to categorize same thinking people into a particular forum. Such platforms do open the door for exercising minds of same thoughts and behaviours. The learning communities with similar passion for subject can certainly build a group of their own with the maximum utilization of resource thereby having a symbiotic relation. Besides, workshops do tend to address issues faced by another organization, which may be helpful in resolving many severities.

Venus International College of Technology organizes such workshops for students in every semester.

We know, theoretical knowledge is not enough for making a good professional career. With an aim to go beyond academics, industrial visit provides student a practical perspective on the world of work. It provides students with an opportunity to learn practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices. It gives them exposure to current work practices as opposed to possibly theoretical knowledge being taught at college. Industrial visits provide an excellent opportunity to interact with industries and know more about industrial environment. Venus International College of Technology organizes around 112 different industrial visits every year for all students.

Keeping in view the present day scenario of Open Source Market, Gujarat Technological University has  initiated  GTU  Open  Source  Project  in  order  to  encourage  use  of  FOSS technologies in academic work as well as for office work. As directed by our honorable Vice Chancellor Shri Akshai Agrawal Sir, under this project each college is required to establish Open Source Technologies Club at its premises.

Further The Spoken Tutorial Project launched by IIT Bombay is an  initiative of the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (NMEICT), launched by MHRD, Govt. of India. In order to contribute towards advancement of the initiative  taken  by  Govt.  of  India,  IIT  Bombay  and  OST  project  GTU,  Open  Source Technologies Club has been established at Venus International College of Technology –Gandhinagar which has been also declared to be Nodal center for OSTC Chhatral Sankul – GTU. Prof. Dr. K. N. Sheth – Director at Venus International College of Technology has motivated faculty members to become a part of this activity and put in efforts for promoting use of Open Source Software Technologies in educational and academic work. He also inspired students and faculty members to take maximum benefit of such activities. Campus Director  Mr.  Manoj  Motiani  has  acknowledged  to  provide  all  the requisite  resource facilities as and when required for various activities of OSTC. Honorable Chairman Shri Rishabh Jain has shown keen interest in this initiative and has announced full support of all kind for making this venture a grand success.

As a part of different activities of OSTC, various SELF learning workshops, hand on sessions on  Open  Source Software in  association  with  professional  firms  and expert lectures  on various Free Open Source Software have regularly been conducted at Venus International College of Technology so far. Overwhelming response has been obtained from students and faculty members from all the departments for participating in various activities.

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